"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day."  -Vincent Van Gogh


andscaping can create space that is both appealing to the eye as well as functional, but, as night falls, even the most carefully planned and maintained landscape quickly fades from aesthetic prominence and no longer acts as functional space....
...However, with the proper lighting scheme, unique landscaping features can be accentuated, and the functionality returns to the space.

urthermore, during the day, features such as individual trees, terrain contours and rock formations can be lost in the background....
...However, by carefully utilizing "uplighting" and "downlighting" these features can become beautiful centerpieces that create a dynamic three dimensional "light-scape."

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"Too many fixtures!"


"1970's Style Installation"


"I have no idea"


"Was the guy drunk when he installed this?"



“Hooking On Way Up”



 “Do I look Scared?”


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