ftentimes, the best way to judge a company is to listen to the comments of its clients. Below, you'll find a sampling of opinions from many of our commercial & residential customers as well as some articles in local & national media. Please take a few minutes to listen and see the audio & video files from local & national media.

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hat they're saying: Commercial Customers

“Our house looks fantastic. It' amazing the difference a few lights can make. I feel like I'm on vacation every time I go outside. You and your crew are the best, you went "above and beyond". Thanks for everything....”

Howard Kandel, President
Kandel Construction Group

"I have used Nite Lites for the exterior lightings of my home and as well as for several commercial buildings. I highly recommend them for any exterior lighting requirements .

Many friends to whom I have recommended their services have expressed genuine satisfaction not only with Nite Lites' professionalism but also with the level of quality in the end product. Constantine Pergantis is one of the most conscientious and talented individuals with whom I have ever worked."

Marc N. Duber, Executive Vice President
The Bernstein Companies

"I appreciate your support and service on my landscape lighting projects. I am looking forward to working with you more in the future."

Marc W. Simpson, President 
East Coast Landscape Inc.

''Both commercial and residential clients find Nite Lites to be very effective in their landscapes. Most important of all is the follow up and responsiveness when we damage a fixture."

John Austin, General Manager Green Gardens Inc.

"I have worked on many projects together with Constantine Pergantis of Nite Lites and can say without reservation that his knowledge in the area of exterior lighting design is exceptional. Constantine possesses an energetic and enthusiastic approach to all projects he undertakes and completes them in an efficient and timely manner. He is a fine, conscientious professional and we highly recommend him. We look forward to working with  Constantine on any of our future projects."

Ronn & Marlene Jaffe, President Ronn Jaffe Associates Inc.

"Besides your tremendous assistance in the design and installation of the landscape lighting at my home, your assistance in design and lighting installation at other projects in which I provided landscape design has been terrific. The crowning touch to a special exterior nighttime environment is always the lighting. Your professional touch has made my projects special for my clients."

Allen H. Mushinsky, Principal MR+A Architects

"It has been a pleasure for Potomac Valley Landscaping, Inc. to work with Constantine Pergantis on several projects. Each client has received, much to their delight, excellent, personal attention and prompt service. Nite Lites enhances planting and allows attractive landscaping to be enjoyed long after the sun has gone down. Even in darkness, Nite Lites makes the gardens look inviting.."

Kathy Farmer, Chief Designer Potomac Valley Landscaping, Inc.

"I just want to let you know how much Linda and I enjoy our landscape lighting. We usually spend our evenings in our family room, which has a lot of glass facing our rear yard and the woods beyond. At night, we just look out into darkness. Then the lights come on (with timer) it's showtime-our view is expanded and the lights on the trees and bushes create a beautiful scene. Your feel for what we wanted to accomplish was perfect. If I had designed it, I would have added too many lights and ruined the effect. Also, it makes it much easier to show prospective clients our yard so they can feel more comfortable with their new home."

Joel Sommer, President Sommer Homes Inc.

"Constantine has been laying out and installing landscape lighting systems for my clients for several years. His knowledge, energy, and dedication have won him high praise."

Scott M. Watson, President Scott M. Watson 
Lighting Consultant

hat they're saying: Residential Customers

"The thoughtful placement of our Nite Lites has allowed us to further enjoy our garden and spa by creating a subtle, serene environment."

Robert & Marian Ades
Bethesda, MD
Ades & Assoc. PC

"The owner himself was fully organized and prepared to answer all of our questions and concerns. We felt that he was someone who was totally knowledgeable about the lighting industry and what would be best for our home."

Jonathan & Lissa Adler
Bethesda, MD
Sport & Health Clubs

"The design, planning, and installation of our outdoor garden lighting was superb. It was only outdone by the personal service and personality provided by Constantine."

Patrick & Terry Arnone
Great Falls, VA
Patrick Arnone & Associates & Terry Kelly Associates, Inc.

"Constantine Pergantis of Nite Lites designed and installed the outdoor lighting in both the front and back of our house. We are highly pleased with his work. The effects he created are subtle, effective and beautiful. Also, we are pleased with our dealings with him as a likable young man intent on doing his work in a highly professional manner. I recommend him to others who may be interested in beautiful outdoor surroundings."

David & Susan Brinkley
Chevy Chase, MD
ABC News

"Thanks to Constantine’s knowledgeable experience in low voltage lighting our entire home is washed with a warm and romantic glow."

Ed & Sharon DeBolt
Mclean, VA

"Thank you very much for accommodating my request for assistance. I am very grateful. After all these years, Mary Pat and I still derive great satisfaction from the beautiful effects of your night-lighting arrangement in our landscape. I wish you many more years of artful success !!"

Austin Doherty
Silver Spring, MD
Hogan & Hartsten

"The work was performed in a professional manner, completed as promised in a timely fashion and at a reasonable expense. In addition, we enjoyed the opportunity to work with you. Your enthusiasm and dedication to the execution of a satisfactory installation was refreshing in an industry known for its lack of commitment to quality and indifference to the performance of work of excellence."

Jody & Kathy Dreyfuss
Potomac, MD
Dreyfuss Brothers, Inc.

"No one could find our home after dark until we had Nite Lites install a beautiful, cost efficient lighting system. Evening walks with our dogs have become more enjoyable due to our new lighting system."

Patrick & Rita Ewing
Potomac, MD
New York Knicks

"`We found that Nite Lites made an outstanding contribution to our landscaping. The installation work was done promptly, politely and professionally."

Barry & Rozelle Grossman
Potomac, MD
Department of Justice/Elmore

"It was a pleasure dealing with Nite Lites. Their designing and landscape lighting has enhanced the beauty of our home and property. We highly recommend Nite Lites."

Bernie & Bonnie Kogod
Potomac, MD
Joanne's Bed and Back Shops

"We love the results of our landscape lighting. We did not want a neon Disneyland effect but rather achieved subtle, subdued accents on our home and shrubbery. We were also pleased with the excellent working relationship between Nite Lites and our landscaper."

Dr. Scott A. & Melanie R. Mason
Potomac, MD

"Nite Lites did a wonderful job with the outdoor lighting for our home. In addition, Constantine is a delight to be around."

Ralph & Sheila Savarese
Mclean, VA
Howrey & Simon

"We would like to thank you very much for the excellent job you performed when you installed the track lighting in my covered pool and also for lighting you installed in the front and back yards. The job was completed on time and with minimal disturbance to us and we are very appreciative. We will certainly not hesitate to recommend you to others."

Guilio I. Scarzella, M.D.
Potomac, MD

The Center for Male Sexuality

"When building my home, I had the good fortune and the pleasure of working with many wonderful contractors. However, I never worked with any contractor who was more professional, more qualified and certainly more attentive to my needs than Constantine Pergantis. His landscape lighting not only compliments the exterior of our home and its gardens, but also adds another dimension to it."

Larry & Carlynn Silverman
Bethesda, MD
Lewis & Silverman / Long & Foster

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Nite Lites. I found you to be creative, reliable, and extremely knowledgeable about landscape lighting and landscape lighting techniques."

Robert & Judy Snyder
Washington, DC
Cambridge Information Group

"We are extremely satisfied with the lighting installed to date. Our biggest concern when we decided to light the exterior of our house was that it might look to gaudy. Nite Lites' careful survey planning and placement of lights upon the property has given our home a brightness and a subtle appearance while providing safety at the same time. Many friends that pass by comment on how fabulous the lighting looks."

Michael & Carol Winer
Potomac, MD
Law Office of Steven A. Michael
"I am so impressed with your turnaround and response on this order...I'll be recommending you where ever possible...not sure if you recall the Gombar property, but if there is anything you recall that you think we should do in the way of suggestions, I'm open... but I cant believe you would have any, because our landscape lighting is without a doubt the best in the whole neighborhood and makes our house look like the centerpiece of the development... you guys did good work on this house..."

Joe Zarella
XO Communications

"Hey Constantine!  Not that your ego needs stroking, but I wanted to let you know that of all of the things we have done to fix up this house (and we've done a lot), the front lighting is the most wonderful addition! It is absolutely beautiful and makes me all warm and fuzzy inside seeing it go on every night (especially now that the "night" happens before dinner time). All of my neighbors and visitors comment on how gorgeous it is also. Thank you for the perfect home accent."

Dr. Eric Douglas & Gabriella Adelt Green
Bethesda, Maryland
NIH Intramural Sequencing Center

"The lights are great! I had not realized how dark and dreary our steps and front walk were until I saw them lit up. All who visited over the holiday commented on the dramatic improvement.  Thanks very much for taking the time to make suggestions on what I know is a rather small job for you. I'll pass along your name when my neighbors inquire."

Chris Hanrahan
Future View Inc

"Constantine -

Just wanted to give you feedback following installation today.

Pete and his assistant arrived as scheduled and completed the job
w/precision.  They explained all the details regarding the lighting and made
sure everything was working properly prior to leaving.

I was just outside and the coordination of the lights and the wattage for
each light is perfect and the house is properly illuminated and looks great.

Thanks again for taking the time to come out here last week and meet w/me.

It is almost nice to meet someone w/a company that takes pride in their work
and believes in being reliable and honest.  You and your company are
certainly "one of a kind."  I look forward to using you again in the future."


Dr. Jonathan Hodor, DO, MS
Maryland Perinatal Associates

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