Pergantis Lights Up the Night

By Mary Helen Yarborough

Constantine G. Pergantis, the 25-year old owner of Nite Lites of North Potomac, has been spotlighting yards for about five years. Pergantis has lit almost 100 houses in the Washington Metropolitan area and has provided lighting for many prestigious homes, including the homes of David and Susan Brinkley in Chevy Chase, the home of Jimmy Kline, the Swiss Embassy and historical Mt. Vernon in Virginia.

Pergantis, who spends every daylight hour on the road or in someone's yard, acquired his ethic of hard work helping in his father's bakery."I used to help my dad's bakery make 30,000 cheesecakes a month when I was a kid," Pergantis said. "I used to work seven days a week, 12 hours a day. "The long hours and thousands of cheesecakes paid off, since that's how Brinkley and many of his other clients learned of his entrepreneurial talents.

Surprisingly, Pergantis said, most of his clients do not want outdoor lighting for security purposes but as a feature to enhance the look of the home during night time hours. "Most of these people spend between $20,000 and $100,000 to fix up their houses," he said. ''They want people to see it at night."

He charges up to $2,000 for his services which normally includes using Luma lighting products. He said he became most familiar with Luma while working as a sales representative. He was Luma's youngest regional lighting representative at 21, he said. "Now I have two assistants, which allows me to work only six days a week," Pergantis said.

About 80 percent of Pergantis' work involves night lighting. The remainder is in interior lighting.

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