ocated in Potomac, Maryland, Nite Lites ® has been beautifying homes and offices for over twenty years. Their experience and knowledge have made Nite Lites an undeniable leader in the field of outdoor lighting. By illuminating landscapes, Nite Lites has proven that you can add a whole new dimension to the client's property, a dimension that can make the landscape beautiful all four seasons of the year. In addition, Nite Lites is an award winning energy consultant able to reduce your commercial electric bills by 40% or more.

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Constantine G. Pergantis
President, Nite Lites®
Phone: (301) 762-5444
efax: 240-597-8552
Nextel Private ID 164*21*978






Peter D. Strain
Operations Manager

William Nuchurch

Assistant Installer

Mitch Mercer
Retrofit Manager
Anthony Samuel
Nite Lites is a proud member of the International Dark Sky association.
International Dark-Sky Association

Nite Lites is proud to be an approved Endorser.

Nite Lites is proud to be an approved 

Endorser & a member of the

Energy Star Program.



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