e at Nite Lites believe that excellence is not restricted to the design and installation of superior lighting solutions, but also extends to acting as a positive influence in the community as well. Nite Lites is actively involved in sponsoring the Hoop It Up! basketball program, a three-on-three league that organizes tournaments nationwide. Nite Lites proudly fields its' own team, a perennial powerhouse in the top flight division of Hoop It Up tournaments nationwide.

The Nite Lites squad is powered by the likes of former Columbia Union hoopster Mitch Mercer, former Gaithersburg stars Jia Simms and Tracy Turner, former Wooton All-Met Kirk Kley and led by the powerhouse out of Seneca Valley, Constantine Pergantis. For the past three years, this lethal crew has been devastating opponents throughout the country. Yet, it wasn't until this past April that Nite Lites turned down the role of bridesmaid to finally grab the top prize. The team, appearing in its third straight Top Gun division (for players with college and pro experience) final, defeated Foot Locker of Charlottlesville for the title.
he victory was not unearned. With the scored tied at 20 in the final, Nite Lites sharpshooter Mercer rubbed off a pick set by Simms and launched a shot from just beyond the three point stripe. As the ball swished, Nite Lites laid claim to their first Hoop It Up championship title. This was the fifth national final Nite Lites has competed in, but their first with Mercer on the team. Coach Pergantis concluded,"He is definitely the guy who put us over the top." Said Mercer of his winning shot,"My adrenaline just gave me the kick to loft it high in the air, but when I released it, I knew it was good."

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