What an end to the 4th year of the Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund 1999-2000 season!

The 5th Annual Hoop Dreams 3-on-3 basketball tournament took place in front of the National Building Museum on June 10th 2000. This event remains the culmination of the HOOP DREAMS year as the city comes together to celebrate these academically driven students and the many people who have helped us build bridges around our city and region. This year brought together the entire Washington, DC community, DC public high school students, and the local business community together in a celebration for education! During the final moments, it was the three wonderful WASHINGTON CAPITOL'S owners, Jon Ledecky, Ted Leonsis and Raul Fernandez's $100,000 that closed the gap and enabled us to meet the Hoop Dreams 2000 fundraising goal of $500,000 for academic college scholarships. Jon Ledecky led the powerhouse trio by presenting a thrilling (surprise!!) check to Susie Kay as he was joined by the entire Ledecky family as well as Juwan Howard, Jahidi White and Rod Strickland of the Washington Wizards. THANK YOU JON FOR YOUR UNBELIEVABLE SUPPORT!!!!

It was last Wednesday though, June 14th, at HD Woodson Senior High School’s graduation that Susie Kay brought an end to the most successful academic program and fundraising year in the 4 year existence of The Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund. Susie announced and presented $325,000 in academic college scholarships ranging from $1,000 - $10,000 for 90 students to go onto post secondary education. In addition, in the week prior the Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund awarded academic college scholarships to 15 students at 12 surrounding DC Public High Schools. Over $ 100,000 will be awarded in renewals to previous Hoop Dreams Scholarship Recipients. Some of the top Hoop Dreams Scholarship Recipients from this year’s Class of 2000 (receiving $10,000 each) were Wendell Smith, Carlos Burnett, Kelvin Peek, Gayle Borden and Julian Barnes. Some of the 2000 Hoop Dreams Scholars will be attending the following schools this fall; UNC Chapel Hill, Rochester Institute of Technology, Temple, University of Maryland, Penn State, Drexel, Florida A&M, Clark Atlanta, Virginia State, American University, George Washington University, and Norfolk State University.


What an unbelievable, spectacular, and successful year for the Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund! We could not have achieved our goals without the tireless, selfless, commitment and support of our many sponsors, partners and volunteers. From 80 mentoring pairs in our year long mentoring program, to 80+ internships, nearly 200 Students in the Princeton Review SAT prep courses and now $500,000 in New and Renewed college Academic scholarships, this year's comprehensive effort has really made an impact on so many deserving and outstanding students.

The 5th Annual Hoop Dreams 3on3 Basketball Tournament

The temperature was HOT and so was the fun, competition and excitement. With a spectacular showing of over 1500 volunteers, students, sponsors and fans hovering over the courts the tournament was immediately a wonderful time.


The competition throughout the day was some of the best we have seen over the five tournaments. This years Championship Team the Nite Lites II (Constantine Pergantis' coached team now victorious for the past three tournaments) made their way to the top out of a pool of 128 other teams and faced tough competition in the final four against the NBC4 Men's Team (lead by NBC4s' Aisha Karima's son Jay ) and again in the finals against the Harlem Knights (Lead by KPMG's Guy Montgomery) who came all the way from New York City to beat the tenacious Vaughn Mansfield Team before rising to make it to the championship only to loose by a slim margin. The Nite Lites II Team consisted of brother combo Tracy and Robbie Turner, Richard Embry, Hallan Hall, and Jeff Mironcow.

There was a tremendous turnout of sponsors as well as NBA stars all who came together to play in this year's awesome Celebrity Game on the Sprite Hot Shot Court. Hoop Dreams Documentary Star Arthur Agee was a dazzling player, bringing his Chicago style game to the DC courts reminding us all about what true Hoop Dreams are made of. Wizard's Juwan Howard and Rod Strickland coached the teams from the side line and had the job of managing such superstars as Jahidi White from the Wizards as he went head to head against former Georgetown Hoya and now Piston's star Jerome Williams. His brother Johnnie Williams of JIII Management matched up along sponsors Paul Singh of Primus Communications, Michael Scott of UrbanLink Solutions, Kathy Clark CEO of Landmark Systems (who, by the way received this years Special Courageous Medal of Honor for suffering an injured Knee in the celebrity game and who we are happy to report is recovering just fine), Donella Brockington from Lockheed Martin, Bill Hall of the DC Sports & Entertainment Commission, former Congressman Tom McMillan, former Washington Redskin Ricky Ervins, Brett Pfeffer of OTN and Renee Knott of Channel 7 SPORTS, all of whom came together to play against the Woodson students who surprised many of the celebrities with their quick and tenacious moves. And what would the celebrity game be without NBC4's Wally Bruckner and Rick "Doc" Walker from WTEM who did the exciting play by play. A special thanks to everyone for their wonderful involvement and especially to WALLY for keeping the entire morning running so smoothly.

A VERY, VERYspecial thank you to the very generous printing job of the Tournament programs donated by Milton Hsieh of ITS Inc. Special Thanks also to Julie Demeo, Heather Owen and Markita Aldridge of the Washington Mystics for being a special part of the day. Another wonderful addition to the day was brought to us by Sheldon Leherner and his Youth Sports Arena through HIGH GAIN THROUGH SPORTS. Thanks also to The Urban Groove Project, Anthony Moore and the H.D. Woodson marching band.

Don’t Forget to log onto the Primeshot.com web site to see picture of the tournament, access code - hoop610.

We would like to thank all of the sponsors who joined us on the immense BET sound stage for their amazing support including some of our Major Sponsors who joined us: led by our top sponsor Pat McGettigan of the McGettigan Foundation.


Joining Mr. McGettigan were: Aisha Karima and Linda Weir Sullivan of NBC4, Rob Liebratore of DaimlerChrysler Corporation (who provided the beautiful Jeep Cherokee raffle grand prize), Nate Brown and Bill Sweeney of EDS, The George Newstrom Family, Jon Ledecky, his family, and the Ledecky Foundation, Kristen Weil of AND1, Dori Silverman and Sprite, Jeff Kelley and The Princeton Review, Chris Greene of SallieMae, Inc., The Leonsis Foundation, The Silent Friends of Susie Kay, Rashaan Johnson and Sharon Taylor of US Airways, WPGC, WARW, WJFK, WHFS, Rosanne Bache of Hecht’s, Frank Ross of KPMG, Mildred Levine and Friends of Mildred Levine, Hogan & Hartson, L.L.P. D.C., Neville Waters and Bill Hall of The DC Sports & Entertainment Commission, Paul Singh from the Paul and Virginia Singh Family Foundation,and Phyllis McClure.

A special thanks also to Curtis Symonds of BET, Jeff Hedges and Infinity Broadcast-CBS RADIO, Abe Pollin, The Citigroup Foundation, Walter Bloedorn Foundation, A.J.Dwoskin and Associates, Scott MacGreggor of Telepresence,Inc., Liz Taber and Molly Raiser, Robert Flynn, Sprenger Lang Foundation, Bill Reeder, William McGowan, Joseph Bornstein, General Motors,Tobin Transport, Kevin Shanklin and American Express and FBR's Demetri Diavatis. We were also joined by many school and public officials led by HD Woodson's leadership team of Principal Ed Jones and Academy of Business and Finance director Barbara Birchette, HOOP DREAMS scholarship recipients ' 97 Cynthia Greene and ' 98 Kerwin Speight as well as Senator Paul Strauss, Council Members Sharon Ambrose and Harold Brazil, and Mark Jones of the Mayors Office, Carol Jackson, Ward 8 Rep William Lockridge and Council Member Vincent Orange.

Thanks also to some of our special partners and friends including Larry Sampas, Alvin Jones and AYE JAY Productions, Michael Scott and UrbanLink.Solutions (who raffled off a computer to mentoring student, Willie Harris Jones) Susan Davis and Amon Martstiller of Susan Davis INTL., Diana Lyons of the Bonner Group, Kim Counes and Kate Damon of Kaze Designs, Meredith Quarnstrom of the Capitol Hilton, Vicki Johnson of BET, Armando Almanza of Ventana, Chace Warmington, PRIMESHOT.COM and C-VENT.COM, Stan Krejci and Boyden, George Washington University, Senator Jack Reed and staff, Chris Gergen and Smarthinking.com, Sysco, Long Fence, Tim Nicholson of LM & O Advertising, The Georgetowner, Jim Lutz and Arena Graphics, Michael Curtain and the Broad Street Grill, The City Paper, Safeway,Deanna DiMurro, Stoff Smolson, Jocelyn Augustino and of course Mr. Vince Wolfington and our friends at CAREY LIMOUSINE, Martin Moeller at the NATIONAL BUILDING MUSEUM and Mallory Andrews at the GAO and well as countless others.

We also want to thank the tireless Steve Boyd ( ALWAYS!!!!), Deanna DiMurro, and Kate Hogan for their extraordinary volunteer effort and time the week leading up to the tournament. Thanks also to the many previous scholarship recipients who came on strong for our final push led by Brandon Bradford, Ayana Thompson, Dawn Mitchell, Theo Brannum, and Marlon Long.

A huge thank you to the stellar Hoop DreamsTournament volunteers who braved it out in the heat and were simply awesome.... led by Steve Boyd, Natanya Levioff, Sue Ehlen, Amanda Laforge, Josh Raymond, Vin and Amy Palladini, Corrie Corchiarino, Michael Curtain, Pat Hogan, Rick Pratt, Mariamma Kargbo, Julie Beaver, Pat Mellody, Larry Sampas, Demetri Diavatis,Marty Dunleavy, Tony Brunello,Claudia Barbieri, Mike Arlinsky, Chris and Beth Hayes, Dan Cohen, Helen Reid and Erin Nelson, Jerry Sachs, Peter Farnsworth, Jim Landes, Amber Lofton and family, Bernadyne Williams and the many Woodson parents, Alonzo Holloway and all the referees, Tawanna Terry, Donald Jackson, Mary Kerr, Todd Sherbacow, Dianna Lyons, Bill Miller, Emil Hill, Doug Smith, Mia Jones and so,so,so, many others.

These are just a few of the numerous sponsors and individuals that helped to make the dreams of so many local students come true and helped them move on to the futures they so richly deserve. THANK YOU TO JEFF KRILLA, JEFF RUDAY, THOM WALLACE, PHYLLIS SCHELLINGER, NICOLE JONES, RICHARD KAMENITZER and AMBER LOFTON for making it all come together !!!!


Truly, we have had a special year and we would like to thank everyone who helped us in our endeavor. We would like to thank all of the mentors, volunteers, and friends who took out time from their busy schedules to help make dreams come true for these deserving students. Please continue to be apart of the Hoop Dreams Family. We look forward to seeing you soon! Please Call us at (2O2) 414 -4774 or ( 202) 414-4903 or (202) 414-4840 if you would like more information or to remain involved.

Now…onto HOOP DREAMS 2001!!

Hope to see you soon and have a very enjoyable and great summer.


Susie Kay and the entire Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund Team.