"Hoops for the Homeless 2003 Champs"  

pictured from left to right, (Jerome Cooper, Davon Kelly, Christina Pergantis, Constantine Pergantis,Vince Broadnax, Maxine Baker-Vice President, Community Relations, President & CEO, Freddie Mac Foundation, Charles Mann (Redskins), Anthony Samuels, Rene Knott (WJLA-TV) Daryl Pounds (Redskins), Tom Carter (Redskins)

Hoop Dream Champs 2002

 L to R: Mitch Mercer, Constantine Pergantis, Vince Broadnax, Jerome Cooper, Davon Kelly

2000 Hartford Champs

L to R: Jeff Mironcow, Mitch Mercer, Constantine Pergantis, Davon Kelly, Vince Broadnax

2000 Winners

Hoop Dreams '99

L to R: Kirk Kley, Jia Simms, Mitch Mercer, Johnnie Williams, Constantine Pergantis.

The Nite Lites won the 6th Annual Hoop Dreams Tournament. 2001